Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stone Work

This past year we were fortunate to have the opportunity to do a number of jobs which involved building with natural stone.

Adding a stone feature to a garden not only provides a useful sitting or walking platform but in the case of a wall it can define space or be a retainer for a garden. Small walls can change the levels of your yard adding a lot of visual interest and texture to the garden.

This wall was made from stone rubble found on site. We stacked the stones and then added soil behind to create a raised planting area. In front of the wall we planted a small bed of perennial plants to soften the hard stone and add color as the plants grow and flower.

In these next photos you can see we used both stacked stone as a retaining wall and to form planting beds. We also used flat irregular blue stone to form a landing patio.

In this way we achieved a means of access to the upper level of the back yard as well as creating interesting areas for separating our plantings and making utilitarian steps into a place to slowdown and enjoy the environment.

There is even room here to stop and sit on the wall if one wanted to. The plantings in the small bed are roses and in the late spring and summer will add lots of color and aroma .

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