Sunday, February 14, 2010

A New Project From the 2009 Season

The Kaye Garden

I reported this fall about a wonderful project I did with my crew this past season. Here is the project as it came together from initial demolition to final clean up.

Starting in the spring of last year I had the pleasure to start working with a lovely home owner in Saddle River , NJ. The rear yard of this home had a concrete swimming pool and patio that was no longer being used and it took up the whole yard.

Once we removed the pool and filled the crater we had a large blank canvas to create a whole new landscape. Our first task to begin building the hardscape features .

We created a large patio for entertaining backed by a wall of natural stone and a second patio near the house that would serve as a place for morning coffee or a summer barbecue. Water feature was planned to tie the wide yard together. It would have a bubbling fountain by the house and covered veranda and spill out into a rill of water that would run across the yard spilling into a hidden cistern under a water garden and a second fountain at the far side of the yard.

Large slabs of irregular cut blue stone was chosen for the paving of the patio and walkway across the back yard.

Finally we were ready to start introducing trees and large shrubs . Rich organic top dressing was added to make planting beds for flowering perennials and even an herb garden.

A small lawn filled the center of the yard, ramble paths for strolling among the various gardens were made from gravel and stepping stones were laid across the small pond in the center of the gurgling stream.

Finishing touches included some out door furniture for the patio, a bench or two along the paths, low voltage outdoor lighting and even a custom made wrought iron fence.